Inplace Editing in Drupal 7 with Edit module

  • 10 January 2013
  • mohit.aghera


How i manage inplace editing using edit module.
In drupal 8 there is inplace edit feature is in drupal core. It is really awesome feature. Now i wanted to achieve same feature in drupal 7 also.
There are lots of alternatives like
1. aloha module
2. Edit module with fape module.
I don't know the reason but i selected the second approch. So i installed the edit and fape module.
After successful installation module started behaving very strange like after one inplace edit it was showing error and when we go to other node for editing purpose
it was showing error.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_get_filter_types_by_format() in ...\sites\all\modules\edit\includes\ on line 31
First i tried to figured out that problem, basic reason the function was not defined over here.
I googled and found the code and placed in file, saw some progress !!
When i refresed i found another riddle
Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_get_allowed_tags_by_format() in ...\sites\all\modules\edit\includes\ on line 35
and many more...
Again i went to google, just found the code for the function but no luck :(
From some forums i got the link that this functions are declared in filter_true_wysiwyg module, which was in aloha module.
So i downloaded aloha module and sepereated filter_true_wysiwyg module and installed it in my drupal 7 setup.
Installed it as usual and work like charm, as all the function are declared in that module :)


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