Display comment form on non-node page

  • 9 August 2014
  • mohit.aghera

During one of my project work there was requriement to display the comment form on the non-node page.

Here in this context non-node page means the page other than node/nid.

I was using plain drupal without panels and other module. If we are using panels then we can always put comment pane in the related page.

As I was using plain Drupal i wanted to render the form via template file aka tpl file.

We can't directly do on node tpl file becasue in tpl file $comment is not bound to nid.

So i followed the approch to create the variable that stores the form and render in the tpl file..

  1. Create

Changing the hook execution sequence of form hook.

  • 19 April 2014
  • mohit.aghera


Generally in drupal modules are executed in as per the weight in the specified by the system table. 

If two module has the same weight then modules are executed alphabetical order based on the name of module. 

During working on one of my project, I was working with workflow module. 

New version of workflow module adds Target State radio buttons on node form. I wanted to move these radio buttons to vertical tabs in node creation form. 

I created a module for the form_alter function. I named my module as my_module.module.

Error : Not Found in Drupal 8 and Ubuntu Saucy salamander 13.10

  • 14 December 2013
  • mohit.aghera

Since last few months i am using windows as my developent environment. So i do all the drupal 8 testing and exploration in windows.es

Yesterday i was trying Ubuntu 13.10 and Drupal 8 development. I installed drupal 8 as per the regular scenario.

I followed the steps given below.

  1. checkout latest drupal 8 from drupal git repository
  2. created  database
  3. http://localhost/drupal8 
  4. entered db info for database
  5. database installed just fine and installation completed
  6. "Congradulations, you installed Drupal!"
  7. clicked on "Visit your new site"
  8. "Welcome to Drupal" ... "No front page..."
  9. click on "Add new content"